Ed Fringe Reviews: A Blog in Haikus

This article first appeared on the Ed Fringe Review blog on 26 August 2015. We were all asked to do a little retrospective on our time in Edinburgh, and basically told we could do whatever we wanted. So I did this. If for some reason you enjoy it, you can check out my Tumblr, where I post haiku poems like these twice a day. It’s good fun.

Ed Fringe Reviewing

Is best expressed by means of

Haiku poetry.


The thrill of the first

Show is only increased when

You don’t have to pay.


Going home to write

A review, I give out this

Show’s ration of stars.


A converted crypt

Makes a lovely setting for

Light-hearted humour.


It shows how tired I

Am, that I’m falling asleep

Through blaring dubstep.


At the crack of dawn,

I wake up, put on coffee,

Fire up the laptop.


All of us agree

That it is impossible

To review improv.


Roadkill puppetry:

One of many shows I don’t

Have the stomach for.


Short story stand-up;

Hilarious banter, and

Yet strangely moving.


Heading for the mile

Posters proliferate in

Colour overload.


Stood on the cobbles

Between Death and a wizard,

I just can’t compete.


Finding a catchphrase

Is the most important part

Of flyering here.



Makes for a surprisingly

Fantastic kids’ show.


Return to the Vault:

There to watch a wonderful

Gothic Toy Story.


Sitting through dull stuff

Is alleviated by

Writing tough reviews.


In a dark basement

An insane steampunk folk band

Blows my tiny mind.


Another basement,

This one with a stand-up who

Calls me up on stage.


Watching Showstoppers!

We see a lovely show that’s

Made up on the fly.


In the dark courtyard,

A passing wizard shows us

Casual magic.


Berlin Comedy:

Always a laughing matter

With Sticky Biscuits.


Comedy performed

In the afterlife makes for

A good final night.


Getting on the train,

I do a Schwarzenegger.

Resolve: I’ll be back.



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